Walmart to sponsor Mexican border wall

Updated: Mar 17, 2018

San Diego, CA (CNBS) Retail giant Walmart has entered into an agreement with the US Border Patrol to sponsor the proposed southern border wall.

“I’ve made a great, great deal with Walmart to fund the border wall,” the president said here Tuesday. Mr. Trump also revealed the General Services Administration (GSA) has selected the Trump Organization of New York to administer the 1,954 mile long wall which will be named the Trump Border Wall.

“We look forward to working with the Trump Organization in this great, great venture”, said Mr. Trump.

“This is such an incredible deal that it will save taxpayers millions. and we still get a wall,” the president commented. White House sources confirmed that the president’s remarks were intended to thumb his nose at Congress.

Immediately after the White House announcement, the Trump Organization said it will be taking advertising for both sides of the Trump Border Wall.

Trump Hotels, Target Stores, Motel 6, and ten other companies said they also would be taking space on one or both sides of the border wall.

Mexican gasoline retailer Pemex, Tijuana Neumático y Profiláctico, and Rosa’s Escorts of Brownsville have all committed to space on either the American or Mexican side.

GSA, the federal agency that provides administrative services for the government, announced it had issued a request for proposal to manage the wall. The Trump Organization’s proposal was selected as the best from over one hundred submissions.

The Trump Organization expects strong demand for advertising space especially in urban areas. “We will be balancing high demand areas with space in the more remote locations,” Trump wall manager Ivan Yesselinsky said.

Walmart’s advertising manager said the retailer expects to install video billboards in its key locations along the wall.

A GSA spokesman indicated the agency also has plans to bring in graphic artists to provide graffiti in some portions of the wall.

Rumors along the border are that a Mexican organization has purchased a tunnel boring machine and intends to provide commuter service from various points across the border. So far there are no indications of station locations, however, those are expected to be announced soon.

Currently, GSA is soliciting proposals to supply emergency exit doors and signage for the wall, which are required by building codes. A contract is expected to be let shortly.


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