Trump throws tantrum over wedding snub

Washington (CNBS) – The president is “livid” that he will not be invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

A White House source tells CNBS that Mr. Trump was in the Oval Office late Tuesday morning when Mr. Trump was at his “presidenting desk” crying and expressing outrage that he will not be invited.

Before Mr. Trump realized the aide was in the office the president was stomping his feet, pounding his fists on his desk, and crying, the aide told CNBS. Once he realized the assistant was present, Mr. Trump ordered the aide to get Secretary of State-Designate Mike Pompeo on the telephone.

The aide, who was in the office at the time to retrieve some papers, heard the president order Mr. Pompeo to call the U.S. ambassador in London to determine “how much of a campaign contribution” he (Trump) would have to give the Queen to get an invitation to the May wedding in Windsor.

Apparently, Mr. Pompeo then attempted to explain that members of the Royal family do not run for election, the aide said. He added that Mr. Trump seemed puzzled before he told the secretary, “then buy Meghan and whats-his-hame a condo or something, there’s a bunch in that Trump place in the Village in Manhattan. Do anything - I have to go to that f**cking wedding!”

After slamming down the phone the president then went into a fit of rage, the aide said. Mr. Trump was said to have screamed, “this is a f**king snub; they can’t do this to me! I am the president! . . . the president!!!”

The aide said Mr. Trump went on to say, “how can I make America great again if I can’t go to incredible places where I look amazing and can tell everybody what a great, great president I am!”

When National Security Adviser, John Bolton, came into the office the president repeated his orders to the secretary of state and told Mr. Bolton to call people in London that he, the president, wanted to attend the wedding “and deliver the eulogy.

“If f**king Crooked Hilary and Ba-lack Obama get to go then I want to go; I’m more important than those two losers!” Mr. Bolton informed the President that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama were not on the invitation list, but Trump fired back at Bolton and told him to see if an American aircraft carrier was available to back-up his demand for an invitation.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace said the bride and groom had decided to keep wedding invitations to their closest friends and community members. The palace pointed out the wedding is not a state occasion and as a result even major British politicians have been left off the invitation list. Prince Harry is fifth in line to the throne.


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