The most credible presidential spokesman in history. Period.

Updated: Mar 2, 2018

How does she do it? A CNBS News analysis finds out.

New York - Controversy swirled around candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, during the primaries and the election itself. Trump seemed in deep trouble, when one person alone came to the rescue. Kellyanne Conway may well be Donald Trump’s most affective soldier, perhaps even the most affective presidential defenders in American history.

How does she do it? CNBS consulted a wide range of experts to assess and dissect Ms Conway’s impact on the White House, Washington, and the nation.

“Kellyanne is so influential because she is a consummate professional. She’s incredibly well prepared,” a former campaign and White House official told CNBS on condition of anonymity. As an example, the source said he has occasionally heard Ms Conway in restrooms preparing for an interview. “She devotes much of her time practicing her sincerity. I think she’s getting very good at it.”

Other sources have said that Ms. Conway carries a small pin when she does interviews. “If she think she is going to start laughing at what she is saying, she discretely pokes herself.”

“Like any serious spokesperson, she’s also prepared to go out on a limb", the source added. Experts contacted by CNBS pointed to the weekend interview with Ms. Conway speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper about the Rob Porter domestic abuse scandal currently plaguing the White House. Ms. Conway told CNN, “I have no reason not to believe the women” who have accused Rob Porter.

CNBS consulting criminologist and former fake FBI agent, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr, noted the background of Ms. Conway’s semi-empathetic comment. “Let’s remember here: three women have told similar stories of domestic violence, there is photographic evidence of the injuries, and there are victim statements, not to mention police reports and a judicial restraining order.

“So did (Conway) go out on a limb by not calling these women liars? We must consider that Porter denied the accusations, and the president believed him, so I would say yes, I think so.”

Prof. Zimbalist noted that with two exceptions, everyone from Donald Trump on down has denied accusations against them. “Even Stormy Daniels has denied that she sexually assaulted Donald Trump.”

In the end, perhaps it is Ms Conway's own words which give us the best insight into the mind behind the miracle:

"I don't think that we need to see [Donald Trump] tax returns to verify his financial acumen. I walk into the Trump Tower every day and I'm like, this guy did pretty well for himself before I got here." (The Rachel Maddow Show, Aug 25, 2016)

"Russians absolutely not trying to meddle with the election of Donald Trump...I hear people saying it like it's a fact on television. That is just not only inaccurate and false, but it's dangerous and it does undermine our democracy." (The Washington Post, July 10, 2017)

"I went out on my own, years ago, to try to create some additional choices in a parallel universe." (Politico, Dec 9, 2016)

A parallel universe indeed.


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