Surgery Cuts Into British Couple's Sex Life

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

CNBS London Bureau

(Nottingham, UK) - A British woman has lost her case at Nottingham magistrate's court today.

Mrs Gillian Inger of Bulwell (pictured here), aged 67, tried unsuccessfully to sue Nottingham University's Queen's Medical Centre after her husband went in for an operation which she claimed left him unable to have sex with her afterwards.

Speaking through an interpreter, Mrs Inger told CNBS News outside court this afternoon, "Me and me 'usband Fred, we always been a right randy pair, 'avin' non-stop bangin' sex an' all. That is, till 'e went ta 'ospital and 'ad 'is operation."

She added, "Ever since then, we ain't shagged, na' even once, an' it's all down to them wankin' twits at Queen's 'ospital!"

Court records indicate that Dr Ian Tambling-Goggin, the surgeon who performed the operation, attended court to give evidence.

"All we did was remove Mr Inger's cataracts", he explained to the court, "He's now experiencing perfect vision for the first time in decades".

There are no plans to appeal, according to Mr Inger.

Anne Sylvester is a legal analyst for CNBS News


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