Plans unveiled for Trump Library and Casino

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

New York, NY (CNBS) – Fundraising has begun to build the Trump Presidential Library and Casino.

Announcing the campaign, The Trump Party of America also revealed funding will be used to build library–casinos in three cities, believed to a be first, and Mr. Trump and his family will actually have direct involvement in day-to-day casino operations, yet another first.

The main Donald J. Trump Presidential Library and Casino will be located immediately adjacent to Trump Tower, in the current location of the Tiffany jewelry store, at the corner for Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan.

“In keeping with his 'hands-on' style of management, Mr Trump will take on the role of pit boss during all shifts at the New York location”, a party spokesman said.

For the convenience of American gamblers, the second location will be in the former Trump Casino now standing empty in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The party says the former casino will completely refurbished to permit gambling while accessing material from the Trump library.

The third library is to be located adjacent to the current presidential retreat at Mar-A-Lago, Florida, to be convenient for golfers. Party officials say this location will include condominiums specifically for former employees of the Trump White House. These residents will receive psychological services to assist them in recovering from the expected post traumatic stress disorder resulting from their White House service.

Exhibits at the Mar-A-Lago library and casino will feature Trump’s golf experience including score cards from his earliest days. According to party officials exhibits will include the score card for Trump’s first game ever at the age of ten using plastic golf clubs. The card shows him two under par score at the Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Course.

An exclusive item at the Florida Library gift store will be autographed pictures of Mr. Trump with such notable golf legends as Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Stormy Daniels. Party spokesmen say the authenticity of the pictures is proven by the court “Evidence” stickers on the reverse side of each picture.

The score cards in the exhibits are also authentic, complete with scores that were altered at the time of the games.

A spokesman for Tiffany and Company denied any approaches to purchase the company’s landmark Fifth Avenue store. “We have no idea what that guy is talking about”, the spokesman added.

Party officials say the Trump family has kicked off the fundraising program with a generous $10 contribution.

No details regarding books or other library materials have been announced.


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