Nixon tweets found in library vault

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

Yorba Linda, CA (CNBS) – Hundreds of tweets by late president Richard Nixon have been discovered in a vault at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum here.

The tweets were discovered by cleaning staff during their regular 40-year dusting of the library archives.

"The tweets paint a picture of Mr. Nixon as an embattled, lonely figure fighting for his political life during the height of the Watergate scandal,” said Cooper Witherspoon, the museum's curator. “He often went on late night tweet storms, sometimes as late as 9:30, attacking the press and the Democratic Party for fabricating stories in order to destroy his presidency.”

Nixon was under attack during the early part of his second term, with Congress investigating his involvement with the break-in of the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate Hotel complex in Washington. The Watergate hearings began in May, 1973 and ultimately led to Nixon's resignation in August, 1974.

The "tweets" were actually created on a Telex teletype machine, an early form of text-base communication. Unlike Twitter and the internet, Telex messages were sent from one machine to another.

The recipient of the Nixon Telexes is unknown, however, it is believe the messages were sent to aging Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong.

There are also rumors the Telexes were sent to one of the young women who attended Mao. Mr. Nixon befriend the woman, a former Chinese Prayboy model, during his historic visit to China. She was reported to be Mao’s foreign policy adviser.

Nixon would often create a portrait of himself from keyboard characters and send it to the woman, which he coined a “Dick Pic”

The exhibit is expected to be open to the public before the summer tourist season.


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