“I kidnapped Lindberg baby” – Trump Lawyer

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

New York (CNBS) – Donald Trump's ex-lawyer surprised a federal court today by claiming to have kidnapped the infant son of famed aviator Charles Lindberg.

“I couldn't help myself,” Michael Cohen told federal Judge Kimba Wood. When Cohen’s comments caused a raised eyebrow from Judge Wood, Cohen attorney, Jimmy Frattiano noted for the court the Lindberg kidnapping occurred in 1932.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Schlomo Smith sat mouth agape as Cohen went on to admitting to the Kennedy assassination and the disappearance of Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa.

“Once I started admitting to all of the crimes I have been charged with, I suddenly felt liberated, like my soul was cleansed”, he told CNBS News

“When I finished admitting to everything in the indictment, I was actually sorry that there was nothing left to confess to. So I started to admit to anything”

“Every time I told the court about another crime I committed, I felt the weight of the world being lifted from my shoulders,” he added.

Judge Wood pointed out to Cohen that the Kennedy assassination occurred three years before he was even born, which caused Cohen to break into a crazed laugh. U.S. Marshals moved to restrain Cohen although he stopped as the marshals approached him.

“I feel like Scrooge when he woke up on Christmas morning,” he cackled. “God bless us, everyone!”

Mr. Cohen appeared disappointed when Judge Wood adjourned the session and called both attorneys into chambers.

As marshals led Cohen away he called to the gallery, “I didn't even get the chance to tell them that my real name is D.B Cooper, and I still have all the money, every penny!”

Judge Wood ordered a psychiatric evaluation prior sentencing expect next week.


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