Famed Fresno Family Invades Royal Wedding

Updated: Mar 3, 2018

Fresno, CA. (CNBS) With the world’s media breathless over Royal fiancée Meghan Markle, a long established southern California family has been catapulted back into the celebrity spotlight.

The Farkle Family of Fresno have been bombarded with calls from well wishers


First skyrocketed to notoriety on the ground-breaking ‘60s comedy Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, the program featured the Farkle family foibles. Family members included the parents Frank and Fanny Farkle, twins Mark and Sparkle Farkle, other twins Simon and Gar Farkle, along with siblings Fritz, Flicker and Fred Farkle.

“When the Royal engagement was announced many of our friends thought that Sparkle had finally found true love with, of all people, a prince,” family scion Frank Farkle told CNBS. “We are in fact related related to the Markles, as my cousin Frida Farkle-Markle married into that family a number of years ago", he added.

Identical wins Mark, 62, and Sparkle, 60, appeared regularly on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In that ran on the NBC network from 1968 to 1973.

Back in the United Kingdom, retailers report that as with her future sister-in-law, Princess Catherine, when Ms. Markle wears a garment it subsequently sells out in stores and on-line. The phenomenon has been dubbed “Markle Sparkle.”

The Markle Sparkle has also rubbed off on Sparkle Farkle. “People see our Sparkle wearing a stylish garment and right away they are rushing to the nearest Goodwill store or on-line to buy the same thing,” the woman’s mother Fanny Farkle said.

Family patriarch Frank Farkle, and neighbour, Ferd Burffle, said they are considering a line of clothing to capitalize on Sparkle’s new found fame. “For goodness sakes, we don’t know how long the Markle Sparkle phenomenon is going to last but we figure it has a few years to go,” Frank forecast.

“We’re very excited for our relative, dear Meghan, and look forward to attending the wedding.” Fanny Farkle said the family has been very close to Meghan over the years and has already been told by Buckingham Palace that the Farkles will have front-row seats at St. Georges.

“With our preferred position for the ceremony, we’ll have a clear view of the big screen t.v. and the bar handy with beer available the whole time,” Fanny Farkle said. “You can imagine how excited we are and the treatment we are getting as family members,” Fred Farkle added.

St. Georges is about three block from Windsor Castle where the ceremony will take place in St. Georges Chapel. The pub’s manager, Fred Finkle, said they are looking forward to the Royal wedding and welcoming family members for the televised ceremony.

“Right then. We’re so excited we’ll be hoovering the whole bar and even wiping down chairs just for the Farkles.” Mr. Finkle said. “We’ll be setting up a Farkle Family tab to welcome them.”

A CNBS team will provide total coverage of the Royal wedding in May.

Petra Stein is the foreign correspondent for CNBS News


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