Courtesy waves in traffic now mandatory

Updated: Apr 3, 2018

Motorists who fail to use the “courtesy wave” are now in violation of federal highway laws, the US Department of Transportation announced today.

Beginning today, it will be compulsory to acknowledge a courtesy, such as letting in another vehicle in congested traffic, with a hand-wave.

“Not thanking another motorist who displays courtesy in traffic isn’t just rude; it’s downright un-American”, a spokesman for the DOT said. “The Mandatory Courtesy Wave Act will enforce a stronger sense of community on our roads, and make our highways a better place to be.”

“Nearly six in ten Americans think aggressive driving has worsened in the last three years,” says Dee Quorum, spokeswoman for AAA. “The courtesy wave law is a bold step toward reversing that trend and fostering camaraderie among drivers, and we support this new legislation."

In order to help motorists become familiar with the new laws, the DOT has provided a guide of appropriate hand gestures, and has urged drivers to become familiar with them.

“We plan on enforcing the new laws gradually”, said American Association of Chiefs of Police president Bill Klub, “we will likely just issue warning tickets during the first month of the new law. But after that, we'll throw the book at anyone who is rude"

The new law is expected to reduce road rage by as much as 3% over the next 10 years.

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