“Better Call Saul” Goodman tapped as new Attorney General.

Saul Goodman, lawyer to Breaking Bad's Walter White, will be Donald Trump's nomination to replace Jeff Sessions, a White House insider reports.

“Saul's a good guy”, the President remarked. “He kept America's biggest meth dealer out of jail and got his own TV show out of the deal. He'll make a terrific AG, because he'll do what I pay him to do”.

Saul Goodman received his law degree via correspondence from the University of American Samoa and built a solid profession as an on-call public defender in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He began in a humble office in the storeroom of a nail salon but later moved into a more prestigious strip mall.

Goodman became a household name in the Albuquerque area thanks to his colorful late-night TV ads which typically included the catch phrase “In trouble? Need Help? Better Call Saul!”

Goodman is known for his “innovative” approach to legal defence, which critics have labelled everything from unethical to slimy. Although most political pundits were baffled and horrified by the President's nomination, Goodman is still expected to receive staunch support from Republican senate.


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