CNBS News Standards & Practices


At CNBS News we like to think that we attempt to adhere to the highest standards in the global news business.  However, when we fail to meet those standards, we attempt to adhere to the following:


  1. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Our journalists try to avoid making up facts, but sometimes it's the only choice.

  2. In its stinting efforts to bring its audience the most important news, CNBS will use images without the consent of their rightful owner, up to the point we receive a cease-and-desist order.


We stay true to the following long-accepted rules of English grammar:


  1. Always altruistically elude alliteration

  2. A preposition or a dangling participle are no ways to end a sentence with.

  3. Never use a big word when a diminutive one will suffice.

  4. Avoid clichés like the plague.

  5. And for the millionth time, avoid hyperbole.


Should you have any questions or complaints concerning adherence to CNBS Standards and Practices, contact our director of standards and practices who is paid to care.  A little.

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